Monday, January 31, 2005

Scottyji Phone Home

Mobile phones are currently a sore point with both Colin and I.

Despite bringing our mobiles with us (Orange and 3 networks respectively) neither of us have been able to send texts as planned (at 1.80 a minute to make and 0.80 a minute to receive calls, it's just a bit too expensive). I checked 3's website and found out that I needed to enable International Roaming, so phoned them from here to do so. Which was a complete waste of time, as you need to be in the UK for them to activate it (and do so at least 24 hours before leaving the country!)- so Negative Karma Points to 3 Network for a stupid set-up. Colin has no idea why his isn't working, Orange website says it should be okay and he has been receiving them okay.

On the other hand, International calls here are outstandingly cheap - 4 Rs a minute to UK landline, and apparently 8 Rs a minute to UK Mobile Phone. Quality is not fantastic but not terrible either, think they are using some sort of voiceover IP across the Internet.