Thursday, January 27, 2005

Lunch with Les

Back at the New Woodlands, we go for late lunch/early dinner, another Thali for me and a couple of Samosa for Colin, who has not yet found his appetite. We are barely started when this fine pony-tailed Englishman strides in and asks, "Are you Scott?"

Immediately my finely-honed powers of deduction leap into action, and I stand up to greet Les, our yoga net-buddy from California. He joins us for lunch, and we quickly assume an "old-friends" relationship, with war-tales and laughter flowing freely. After Thali, Les making a much better effort to finish the plate than I do (yes folks, hard to imagine me leaving food, but it's true!), I have my first cup of Chai (tea) - WOW! What an experience! How can tea be so different, and yet it is! Smooth, milky, strong, burning hot and deliciously sweet (I have just talked myself into another glass), everything that a refreshing drink should be!

After lunch/dinner was finished, Colin went to try and catch up some lost sleep while Les and I checked out the schedule at The Music Academy nearby on TTK Road. As luck would have it a Bharatanatyam performance was starting in 45 minutes, so we wandered off to explore the neighbourhood.