Friday, January 28, 2005

(Not) Under the Spreading Banyan Tree

Away from the fan club, we made our way to the Theosophical Society , who turned out not to be such big fans. We discovered on arrival that people are only allowed to walk in their grounds from 8am to 10am, and 2pm to 4pm. Plan B took us to the Reading Room (library), which we discover we are also not allowed to use (unless sponsored by a TS member or something like that).

Our consolation prize to be shown around the 'Display Room', which had some interesting old books and suchlike, but still quite a poor show. The bookstore was also open, and full of interesting books to buy at the same ridiculously low prices (although some items had a western price tag, so do check). I didn't buy anything, a bit early for that - maybe I should have told them I can only buy books between 8 and 10 or 2 to 4.

I then got myself some short-sleeved shirts (3 for 525 Rs = less than 6 pounds) as that seems the most sensible thing to wear, and off to KYM for a consultation with Kausthub.