Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Breakfast with Navin

We had arranged to meet Navin at 9am so off we went, and sure enough he turned up (along with his friend) exactly on time. Time for our first breakfast adventure!

Colin was still not eating much, but managed a bowl of cornflakes. I had idli's, (flat rice dumplings) which came with sambar and onion chutney. Also had some curd (natural yoghurt) on the advice of my good friend Donny, to help me prepare my stomach for local bacteria. Idli's were a strange experience on many different levels - eating with your hands (which requires motor neuron skills long forgotten), coping with spicy food at breakfast time (could get used to that one), and a small portion of seemingly bland food that is deceptively filling.

The first couple of mouthfuls were uninteresting, but then it became very enjoyable, bound to become a breakfast staple.

Hmmm, all this talk of food is making me hungry! Off to eat, more later.