Friday, January 28, 2005

Indiamike Meetup

However, Kausthub was held up and had to cancel, rescheduling me for the next morning. This means that we are actually on-time for our next item on the agenda, planned the week before - the Indiamike Chennai Meetup.

Arriving at the Landmark Cafe in Spencer's Plaza (Anna Salai) just in time (having asked Les to drop by just in case we were later), we had the pleasure of the company of Nick (Nick-H), Paul (Pooch), Vinay (Vinayverma) and Archan (solostyle). Despite the noise we had a good time - Nick and Archan answering our many questions on classical Indian music, and Paul revealing his darker side as the Gordon Gecko of India's emergin markets.

We departed shortly after Paul and Vinay, mostly on account of my ever-worsening head cold (with the choking traffic pollution, lack of sleep and probably a little stress at so much rinning around).

Back at New Woodlands I fell asleep for an hour and a half before waking up and writing 17 pages on the past day's events. I then skip back to sleep, with Ganesha (or at least a shadow on the wall that looks vaguely like an elephant's head and trunk) watching over me.