Sunday, February 20, 2005

Siva's Dance

Ana's birthday party was excellent, a nice easy-going (and sober) affair, thanks in general to the Latin contingent. There was music, Salsa dancing (yes I did disprove the theory that white men can't Salsa) and lots of singing. This was mostly down to the skills of Edgar, who had us all singing along to Cuban songs about cats creeping about looking for rats and other such stories. He's doing a 'storytelling' show on Tuesday night which we're all looking forward to.

But still, as we enter the last week of the course there is a sense of closure creeping in. Unlike most "holidays" (as I told my dad the other day, it's been a strange 'holiday', more like working except with a higher fun quota), I don't feel so sad that it will be over. This is largely due to how much I miss everyone back home, so I think when it's time to go I will do so happily, knowing that I am moving towards people I love as much as I am moving away from something I enjoy.

Although I can see Nataraja (Siva) putting on his ankle bells to prepare for his dance, now it is so obvious that Bramha is waiting round the corner to start it all over again. Or to start again anway - what "it" will be is anyone's guess, though mine is it will be something quite different. Watch this space!