Sunday, February 13, 2005

Low Tide near Shore Temple

I am early in getting to the meeting place and go down to the beach to look for the others, but still no-one to be seen. We didn't realise when we went to Mahabhallipuram that it was a holiday that day, and the place was teeming with people, mostly Indians. The atmosphere at the beach is quite enrgetic, with people (mostly children) running in and out of the crashing waves. Then it is time to leave and somehow we all met up, returning to Chennai with a beautiful sunset to accompany us.

Rather than head home at a reasonable hour we go to the Ciao Bella Italian resaurant in Valmiki Nagar (address to follow), which is great. We eat pizza, enjoy the music, dance a bit of salsa and Edgar joins the band for a song or three. All this in one fun-crammed day, but boy did we suffer for it!