Sunday, February 13, 2005

Patanjali again

We had breakfast at Tina Blue's Rooftop Terrace, which was reasonable enough. After so much Indian food it was nice to have some western dshes, but a word of warning. I decided on the Masala Ommelette, not wanting to go too far west in my thoughts. Now Masala means a mixture of spices, so I imagined something "interesting". WHAT I got was quite simply a green chilli ommelette - which wasn't a problem, but if you try hard you can imagine just how HOT my mouth got. If you're having difficulty, just stick a lit blowtorch in your mouth.

Still, it didn't damp my enthusiasm for some bananan fritters, followed by some chai. The others arrived, along with the "guide" you had followed them to the restaurant and pointed at it insisting, "You eat me!" They decided for a few rupees they could do so.

We waited there a couple of hours to avoid the worst of the sun, and soon we filled the whole place. I was watching the street life, and must admit there are so many westerners in Mahabs that it looks like I imagine Goa to be (or perhaps Goa a few years ago). I reckon I saw a western guy walking down the street toking on a joint, which is quite disappointing.

I also saw a couple of young girls who had pestered us for ten minutes on the way to Tina Blue begging for money. It was interesting to watch them run into shops and buy things like bottles of Coke and suchlike, then hide them as they ran up to Westerners to beg more money. Maybe I'm making assumptions here, but I don't reckon if you're starving you go buy a Coke, even if it is "The Real Thing!"

We then headed back to Arjuna's Penance, but I stopped to buy a pair of yogapants. Claudia and Pedro headed on as I waited to get them altered and we never managed to collide again. On the way over to the Pancha Ratha's I found this statue of Patanjali, and decided it was the one for me.