Monday, July 12, 2004

Are you a nurse, or a female reincarnation of Jocky Wilson?

Well, sorry that I've been neglecting the blog, promise to post more often as we approach the trip. In the interim i have booked my flights, so I'm definitely going. Fly out January 25th 2005, returning 2nd march. Great news is that my mate Colin is coming over too.

Also have arranged travel insurance, and the title of this post is all about the fact I had my vaccinations on Friday, well the bulk of them. Got tetanus/diptheria (one jag), hep A, typhoid and polio (drops), all for free on NHS. Got to go back over next 4 weeks to get 3 rabies injections (need to pay for those), and find the result of my Hep B blood test (been vaccinated before) to see if I need a booster. Also go back in 6 months for a Hep A booster, which will give me 10 year coverage, so good advice to go early.

Am going to opt for Malarone for the malaria meds, which is expensive as it is a private prescription. Nurse reckons it's £22 for two weeks worth and you need 2 days before and a week after, so I'll be at least £66 in total. Still, it's better than juggling the other 3 meds they recommend in its place, which would probably cost a bit too.