Sunday, February 22, 2004

India Survival Kit

Occurred to me as I researched this entry (starting over a month ago) that I was intending to reinvent the wheel. There are some fantastic sites out there already delaing with this topic, and the others I intend to deal with. So... brevity is the rule of the day from now on. Some good hints and excellent links to guide the way, and get you thinking in the right direction.

What kind of pack? Depending on whether you are travelling or staying in one centre, do you want a backpack (travel) or suitcase (stationary). Consider poly bags inside of the main bag, to prevent spillage.

For a travel checklist try here or the excellent advice at this site

For electronic gear that uses mains electricity, consider surge protectors and multiple power adaptors/universal plug (different areas have different power sockets). Also consider keeping equipment in a ziploc bag with silica gel sachets, given the humidity in India. Also, don't forget your torch for the power outages - seems to be a personal preference on whether to take a maglite v. headtorch - you decide!

Clothing - consider the suitability of clothes as regards heat and humidity, and also the amount of clothes you will need (especially in a country where made-to-measure clothes cost, well, buttons!). Women need to consider personal safety when deciding what kind of clothing to take. Also think about what constitutes suitable footwear. Finally, almost everyone recommendstaking your money in a money belt.

Travel security - remember to find out from the airline exactly what you must not to carry in hand luggage and what should be in cabin baggage. I have read that in all internal flights you will have the batteries for electronic devices confiscated if you try to take them onboard with you.

Other useful items - penknife, cup and immersion heater, keep books to a minimum, one max (too much to do, too many people to chat with), cleaning wipes, photocopies of important documents including traveller cheques, padlocks, writing materials, mosquito net.

Anyone got specific suggestions to add, drop me a line...