Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Yoga formerly known as Viniyoga

Despite my last update, I notice that I didn't actually mention what I will be doing in India. First of all, decided to cut it down to a mere 5 week trip - the thought of no annual leave for 2 years was kinda daunting, and it leaves the option of going back the next year if I like it.

Second, it's a definite for the course at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram. I am very interested in the approach of Krishnamacharya (which used to be called Viniyoga, a name now abandoned by TKV Desikachar as he felt it was 'separating' them from other yogi-s, when after all the purpose of yoga is union), and have been to excellent workshops with Paul Harvey (aYs) and Kausthub Desikachar, as well as the aYs Convention. I've also started going to private lessons with aYs Scotland teacher Lynne Scott. So, it'is the 4 week international course for me and Colin in February 2005, and we'll see where that leads.

Also had a visit from my friend Navin from Chennai, which was great - even better he will be taking care of us when we get over there. Cool thing is, as I realised at the weekend, that's me got less than 6 months to go now!

Had the first two rabies vaccinations (and a Hep B booster), which was interesting ot say the least. Was given Rabipur, which comes in a kit with a (subcutaneous) needle. Got the first jag and immediately my shoulder muscles starts twitching. Nurse starts reading the side-effects, then blocks the door I am heading for and demands that I sit down for a few minutes. When she got to 'nervous damage and paralysis in extreme cases' I started getting a bit worried. But it wore off after a few minutes and I had no other side effects.

Went back for my next jag to a different nurse (they are given at 0, 7 and 21 days) and it was given with no problems (though she was worried by the first reaction, as often the second one is worse). Then we sussed out the reason for the problem - although the needle is sub-cutaneous, which is how the first nurse gave it, the instructions are for the injection to be given intra-muscular. So the vaccine went in and reacted with the muscle on the surface instead of being absorbed by the bulk of the main muscle.

Apparently I should be okay after the third vaccination (this Friday, day before I jet off on holiday) but just in case I'll give those mad slavering Indian dogs a miss!