Sunday, March 13, 2005

From bad to worse...

Someone up there is sending me a big message to stay away from the Internet! Got my pc back from the wonderful Medion (more than a hint of sarcasm their BTW) to find that for some strange reason whilst replacing the motherboard they found it necessary to reinstall Windows, thereby overwriting all the files on my hard drive!

Yes, I should have taken backups, but the Medion system DID have a backup system - unfortunately that system was on the same drive as the one with the operating system, so when they reinstalled that, guess what also got overwritten!!! They could easily have secured those files for me, or offered me the chance to do so. So I'm piecing my computer back together again from whatever bits and pieces I happen to have lying about. Needless to say I've lost quite a few files (from the past couple of months).

My Outlook address book is probably lost, so if I stop emailing any of you please do drop me an email to let me recapture your email addy. And bear with me, after I sort out this mess (I feel a complaint letter coming on) I'll sort out this blog for sure.