Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Camera Citi Revisited

Well it was inevitable - our friends want copies of all our photo's, so Colin and I returned today to have CD's burned from our flash cards. Can I say that our expectations were low, and as we passed from number one salesman to number two it all seemed to be going the same way.

The CD's were burned, and then on to number 3, and it appeared we were going to escape lightly. Then in an amazing fit of hyper-bureaucracy we had to pay "an advance" of Rs 200. Which was amazing, as 30 seconds later we had to pay (to the same man) the balance of Rs 131. We simply smiled.

So, here we are, waiting for the flight home. I've posted a total of 9 kgs of books home - at about Rs 250 a book they are excellent value. And the book post, even though it takes 3 months, is also a steal at Rs 300 for the lot.

I am hoping that both me and my luggage arrive home before the books, but that is in the hands of British Airways and the Gods!