Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Darshan Found

So, it's over a year since I posted on this blog. I had considered resurrecting it, but I really only wrote it to keep record of my trip to India, and help communicate with friends and family while I was away. It certainly served that purpose, I'd thoroughly recommend it as a good way to stay in touch (though sometimes taking up a little too much time and effort).

It looks like I've lost some of the photo links due to changes with Buzzboard, and also I never quite got around to filling in the blanks like I thought I would. However times have changed (very much for me), so you'll all forgive me for being "too busy". A wee while ago, a direct result of my experiences in India, I found the courage to stand on my own two feet and live life the way I want, not the way I've been "used to". So I handed in my notice, left my job of 12 years as a police officer, and set off on my own as a full-time Yoga teacher.

A big step when you consider how little money and job security I now have, but I have this strong feeling, faith you might call it, that things are going to work out exactly as they're supposed to. As if that wasn't enough at the end of May I also got married to the beautiful Maureen, and off we went on honeymoon to the Maldives (ah, life is hard!!!).

You can keep in touch with my ongoing exploits through my website at and also at my new blog at

I think I found a little Darshan on my journey. I'm looking forward to all the rest I might find along the way...