Wednesday, January 28, 2004


So here's the list of info posts I intend to do:

Travel Planning (how to get a visa - yes, you do need one - and other pre-travel matters to be arranged such as insurance)
Medical Matters (inlcuding innoculations, preventive medication and travel first aid kit)
India Travel Kit (a survival kit by any other name)
Money (what to take and where you can cash it)
Flights (online flight websites)
Internal Travel (getting around once you've arrived)
Food and Hygiene (how to avoid Delhi Belly)
Yoga in India (the best links I can find)

The other posts I'll do on the areas I'm planning to visit (andother areas too, if people make good recommendations to me). If anyone has suggestions for me, please email me as below - additional info resource topics, advice to add to those topics, or suggestions for places to go.